Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Silent Killer

Although it may seem loud it's not
Although you may see the marks and bruises they say nothing
Although you may hear the bumps and thumps still nothing is said
And no one can ever tell you why; why they choose to be silent upon seeing and knowing what was going on in the next house or apartment.

Excuses are made:
"I should have had dinner ready when he got home"
"I know the bad things he do to me are my fault"
"He had a bad day, I should have left him alone"
"I should have kept the kids quiet while he watched T.V"
Lies are told
"He will never do it again"
"It only happened once"
The truth is hidden behind fairy tales
Fairy tales that are made up in the mind of the one who can't speak the words for the truth is to embarrassing to be told to anyone, even one's self.
To embarrassed to seek the help that is needed, knowing that your life could be saved.
To embarrassed to admit that there is a problem, because we like to stick our heads in the sand and pretend everything is OK.

So you take all the blame on yourself because in your eyes it's all your fault; he did nothing wrong
You rationalize every hit, every verbal abuse, every mental abuse
Not truly knowing the effect that it has on you and your kids for that matter.
Because whether you want to face the truth or not they know, they hear the yells and screams in the middle of the night. They hear you softly crying while you wipe your own blood from the floor and the walls.
They see all the scars and bruises you try to hide behind all the make-up you wear.
They notice the bald spot in your head where you hair has been pulled out at the roots.
They know but you still refuse to acknowledge that anything is wrong.
They know and they worry if they are next but you have no answer for them because you won't acknowledge that there is a problem.

You question yourself as a woman and you ask yourself: "What did I do to make him hate me so much?"
"Maybe if I had gave him better sex, or even sucked him off a little longer; maybe if I had stopped telling him No and started saying Yes it wouldn't have happened"
"Maybe if I had shut up and not talked back to him he wouldn't have hit me in my mouth"

Maybe, Maybe, Maybe is all you can think to say right now as you lay there not knowing if you're gonna make it or not, but praying that death overtakes you because you don't know how to leave but yet you don't wanna stay.

You're wondering now why didn't anyone see so they could have rescued you;
but everyone did see yet you chose to make up lie after lie because you were to embarrassed

ABUSE: The Silent Killer that so many women refuse to do anything about because they're to scared or embarrassed to seek the help they need.
Not fully understanding your worth you stay because you've been abused all your life and you feel this is love, but knowing in the back of your mind it's not.
Not fully understanding that love is not suppose to hurt but heal
Not fully understanding that love is not jealous it's caring
Not fully understanding that love is kind, and sweet with no strings attached

The Silent Killer: ABUSE

We have to come together and stop the cycle because as long as the abused feels they have no safe haven they will stay until it's to late.                                                                                                   They will continue to hide behind the make-up and masquerade mask
They will continue to make up lies and cover for the abuser
They will continue to not know their self worth as a person
They will continue all these things and more until they can't do anything else but lay there and die!!

Machelle Booker

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