Thursday, June 28, 2012

Words Make A Difference

Now I know I may step on some toes but to be honest I really don't care. Wouldn't be me or the truth if it didn't bother someone.

We as parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc need to get a grip on the way we speak about and around our youth. How can we expect for them to speak and respect someone else if they don't hear it from us. I have seen so many parents call their kids lil nigga, bad ass, pimp, hard, ghetto, lil hoes and the list goes on. Now me being a parent I'm trying to phantom calling kids those types of names and thinking there is nothing wrong with it. I mean how can you even think that it's cute for one second. I mean don't you know that our kids are formed off the words we speak into their lives. So if all they hear are you calling them some type of thug name or any other name that is not positive then they are going to give you what you're calling them.

Words carry more weight then you would ever know. So how can you expect for you child to grow up and become a productive member in society if all they hear are the horrible names you call them. If they hear you "bragging" bout how bad they are then they are going to continue to be bad. If they hear you calling out the other names lil nigga, pimp, lil hoe then that is what you're going to get. And please don't get mad when they start calling you those names back because that is what you have taught them. We have to learn that you tend to get out what you put in, and if you put positive words and actions into your child then you will get positive back from that child. But if all you're putting into that child is negative words and actions then you can expect to get that back 100 times over. And please don't get mad when you get it back because you have noone but yourself to blame for the "monster" you cause to come forth. You spoke it therefore you got it and now you catching all hell dealing with it.

You won't think it's so cute when that child goes to school using those words and the teacher is looking at you like you crazy or calling DFACS to your home. Then you will feel as though they did you wrong, but once again the only person you can blame is you. Or how about when you out in public and trying to handle some important business and the child start using those words. I can imagine the look that would come across your face. Then the next thing you're going to say is "Who taught you that"? When you already know dang well it was you who did it but now you're embarrased and it's not so cute. Or how about when that girl of your grows up and becomes the lil hoe that you have called her to be. You see that is what you called her when she was younger and you thouoght it was cute. Now she in middle school actting out and you looking crazy once again all because you thought that lil nick name was something cute. Now you finding out it wasn't and will never be.

Words really do make a difference and you would find that out if you took the time to speak positive words around your child and not negative things that you think are cute at that moment. Trust me there will never be anything cute about calling your child a nigga or a bad ass. There will never be anything cute about calling you child a lil hoe or bitch. There will never be anything cute about not speaking life into your child.

The sooner you can learn that Words Make A Difference the sooner you can start mending some of the negative ideas and spirits you have spoken over your child. We want productive members of society not more statics.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Letting Go and Being Thankful

This had been on my mind for a while and after Sunday in church I really got confirmation that this is something I should write about.

In life you have to realize and understand not everyone who say they mean and wish you well really do. They will smile in your face and at the same time stab or have someone else stab you in the back while they standing in front of you talking to you. There are plenty of Judases out there in the world and in your life and I can promise you that you wouldn't even suspect half of them. Some of them can be as close as your own family members. You have to understand that your happiness and well being is not really in the best interest of most people. Yea they say it is but at the same time they are wishing they had what you have or they are secretly wishing you to fail and not succeed. The sooner you realize you can't share everything with everyone the better off you will be. Always remember that not everyone will share your happiness and you can't share your happiness with everyone. You have to learn how to live to please God and yourself and not allow others to dictate or jeopardize your happiness and well being. Stay away from negative people and negative thoughts because they carry more weight then you would ever know. At the same time you have to recognize negativity for negativity and not mistake facts for negativity. Pray about everything but at the same time bind up any negative thoughts that someone may have spoken in your presence and on your life. No one really knows what's best for you but God Himself. Realize that most people who speak negative things about your situations really want what you have or they are just unhappy people because their lives didn't turn out the way they wanted it to. Either way just know those are people who you really need to keep at arms length if you can't eliminate them from your life.

Now understand at the same time those haters and nay-sayers are used by the enemy to try and deter us from our destination but know this; God uses your enemies to catapult you into your destiny. They push us to work harder and achieve what we're trying to achieve without evening knowing they are doing it. Please believe if they knew what they were doing they wouldn't be doing it. They would figure out a way to really be on your side, but know they are on the side they're on because God wants and needs them there to get you to where He wants you to be.

You have to come to a point in your life when you know and realize that not everyone is meant to be in your life forever. Yes we have all heard the saying: "Some people come into your life for a lifetime and some for a season". You have to learn how to separate the lifetime people from the seasonal people. Once you can do that you can really start to find out who is for you and who is just along for the ride.  After you find that out then somethings will become a lot easier for  you to do, like cutting off those dead branches so you may continue to grow and prosper.

Never keep backstabbers around because they will only end up killing you and or your dreams. Never allow anyone or anything to stop you from reaching your destiny.


Friday, June 15, 2012

Private Lives via Social Media

I was up early this morning and something hit me, Social Media.

I see so many post on FB and Twitter with people going back and forth with each other and I'm trying to figure out WHY!
You have to understand that Facebook is not a place to air your dirty laundry, FB is not a place for you to post about what's going on in your home between you and your mate, your momma/daddy, and or boss. FB is not a place for you to pick a fight with Shaquanda and them knowing good and well when you see them in person you're not going to say a word. It really disturbs me to see so many people doing this. If you are having a problem with your mate; be it husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend FB is not the people you need to be talking to. You need to go to that person and sit down with them because I can promise you after you post what you post it's not going to get any better. Now I'm not sure bout your friends list but I know mine don't have to many PhD's on it. If it's advice or answers you're seeking the best person to help you in that department is GOD. I can promise you He will never lead you wrong. Yea you will have plenty of people to give you their input but how many of them really have your best interest at hand. How many of them are really rooting for you to do good and see you succeed. I can promise you not very many. Yea the may say they are but those are just words they know you want to hear at that moment. You have to know that not everyone that wishes you well really mean it. Not everyone that smiles in your face are your friends.

I hear so many people say Facebook is the devil, it broke up my relationship. Well let me share this with you, we both know that is not true. Because before there was FB there was Myspace, emails, text messages and the oldest one pagers. We all knew what the 69 code meant when we saw it. Now the only person you have to blame for your relationship messing up is yourself. I mean did you not think before you posted how horrible your mate was. Did you somehow forget when you sent that message to the inbox that you were married or in a committed relationship. Did you not take into consideration how your mate would feel when you commented on that picture of you ex-jump off. I mean if you really sit back and look at things from the real world you would realize that only you are to blame for your break up or the problems in you home. No one else.

We have to wake up and grow up so that we may understand that somethings are better left in our head. Somethings are better left inside your home between the two of you because your business is not everybody's business. I can guarantee you that the same way you were attracted to the person you're with so is someone else that calls themselves your friend. So they sit back, wait and watch because they know before long the bad advice they have been giving you will soon pay off. Then you looking stupid because they hooked up

Now let me leave you with this: SOCIAL MEDIA SHOULD NOT BE YOUR DR.