Thursday, June 28, 2012

Words Make A Difference

Now I know I may step on some toes but to be honest I really don't care. Wouldn't be me or the truth if it didn't bother someone.

We as parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc need to get a grip on the way we speak about and around our youth. How can we expect for them to speak and respect someone else if they don't hear it from us. I have seen so many parents call their kids lil nigga, bad ass, pimp, hard, ghetto, lil hoes and the list goes on. Now me being a parent I'm trying to phantom calling kids those types of names and thinking there is nothing wrong with it. I mean how can you even think that it's cute for one second. I mean don't you know that our kids are formed off the words we speak into their lives. So if all they hear are you calling them some type of thug name or any other name that is not positive then they are going to give you what you're calling them.

Words carry more weight then you would ever know. So how can you expect for you child to grow up and become a productive member in society if all they hear are the horrible names you call them. If they hear you "bragging" bout how bad they are then they are going to continue to be bad. If they hear you calling out the other names lil nigga, pimp, lil hoe then that is what you're going to get. And please don't get mad when they start calling you those names back because that is what you have taught them. We have to learn that you tend to get out what you put in, and if you put positive words and actions into your child then you will get positive back from that child. But if all you're putting into that child is negative words and actions then you can expect to get that back 100 times over. And please don't get mad when you get it back because you have noone but yourself to blame for the "monster" you cause to come forth. You spoke it therefore you got it and now you catching all hell dealing with it.

You won't think it's so cute when that child goes to school using those words and the teacher is looking at you like you crazy or calling DFACS to your home. Then you will feel as though they did you wrong, but once again the only person you can blame is you. Or how about when you out in public and trying to handle some important business and the child start using those words. I can imagine the look that would come across your face. Then the next thing you're going to say is "Who taught you that"? When you already know dang well it was you who did it but now you're embarrased and it's not so cute. Or how about when that girl of your grows up and becomes the lil hoe that you have called her to be. You see that is what you called her when she was younger and you thouoght it was cute. Now she in middle school actting out and you looking crazy once again all because you thought that lil nick name was something cute. Now you finding out it wasn't and will never be.

Words really do make a difference and you would find that out if you took the time to speak positive words around your child and not negative things that you think are cute at that moment. Trust me there will never be anything cute about calling your child a nigga or a bad ass. There will never be anything cute about calling you child a lil hoe or bitch. There will never be anything cute about not speaking life into your child.

The sooner you can learn that Words Make A Difference the sooner you can start mending some of the negative ideas and spirits you have spoken over your child. We want productive members of society not more statics.

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