Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bride or Wife

    The night seems magical. You don't know why but you feel that something great is about to happen to you.

 He takes you to a very nice spot that is sentimental for the both of you and he finally ask you that question you have been waiting your whole life for. "Will you marry me?"
 It seems as if time has really stop but you know that can't and didn't happen. You finally can mustard up that one magical word "YES!!"

  So now that all of that has happened reality starts to sink in. You start focusing on the wedding making all the plans, picking that special place for y'all to say your I Do's. Now what happens? I'll tell you what happens, you need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. You need to sit down and ask yourself some major questions.

  The main thing you need to figure out is " Do  you want to be a bride or a wife?" Because they are two totally different roles. If you are going into this wedding with only thoughts of being a bride for that day then you are already headed for a disaster and the marriage is doomed from the start.

  So many women fail to look at the big picture and all they focus on is the wedding the moment where they will have eyes on them and no one else. They don't see all the red flags that have been thrown on the field, they have blinders on and don't see the big detour signs telling them not to travel down this road or the wrong path sign.  Women need to start paying attention to details of the relationship and not details of the wedding. Because after all the hoopla has ended irregardless of what you may think or feel reality will set in whether you want it to or not.

Now if you go into the marriage with the mindset of being a wife then things will be a lot better. Not saying it's going to be perfect because no relationship is but it will eliminate a lot of drama and unnecessary fussing and arguing. You have to want a marriage and not just a wedding. Some may ask is there a difference, yes there is a difference. A wife will stand by her man through all types of storms, no matter what comes their way she may bend but she won't break. When things come up short she will have her husbands back.
A bride will run and flee at the first sight of trouble, because her thoughts will be " I didn't sign up for all this." When in all actuality that is exactly what she signed up for. She was just to blinded by the thought of having a wedding she didn't think about the what ifs. A bride will not want to hear or try to work out any types of problems because in her mind that is not what she's there for. She is just there to say she had a wedding and got married. Nothing more nothing less.
So when you're getting ready to embark on that part of your life you have to sit down, weigh your options and decide do you want to be a BRIDE or a WIFE. Because either decision will change your life for the rest of you life!!
Decide: Do you want a lifetime of smiles and joy or Do you want a lifetime of tears and pain. The choice is your to make. Choose wisely!!


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